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 - a real-time news service that empowers financial professionals with credible and trusted news from a cross section of Asia’s financial markets, helping them make informed investment decisions and trade with confidence.

Nikkei Markets is published by Nikkei NewsRise Asia Pte Ltd, a joint-venture company owned by Nikkei Group Asia (a subsidiary of Nikkei Inc. Japan) and NewsRise Financial Research and Information Services Private Limited.

Nikkei Markets offers wide corporate coverage in the region, including in the Nikkei Asia300* companies. Nikkei NewsRise has news bureaus in Kuala Lumpur, Singapore and Hong Kong, which are manned by experienced and capable financial journalists who understand the importance of reporting news with accuracy, speed and clarity.

* The Asia300 is Nikkei's exclusive list of the biggest and fastest-growing companies across the region.

Nikkei Markets Malaysia Service

News from Malaysia’s financial markets

Nikkei Markets Singapore Service (coming soon)

News from Singapore’s financial markets

Nikkei Markets Hong Kong Service

News from Hong Kong’s financial markets

Nikkei Markets SEA & Hong Kong Service (coming soon)

A combined news service from the financial markets of Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong

The Nikkei Markets news service is delivered via direct feeds, frame-hosting and other options so that you can integrate it into your custom platform. Contact us for details.

Nikkei NewsRise will expand in the region in coming years, and will continue to add editorial and business resources.

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